DrinkIt! Game


When you combine two great things sometimes the results are pretty awesome. This was the case for the DrinkIt! game. Grahaem Watts, a real estate agent by trade, came up with a board game that combined two great things: Drinking and Entertainment.


A traditional game with a modern twist, Watts approached 424 Design with a vision for a fun, visual, and interactive game for the ages 21+ over crowd. He really wanted a packaging design that really evoked the spirit of the game and did not just want to put it in a box.


Taking it literally, the 'beer bottle' look proved to be a success. The bottle was designed in 3D and was 3D printed in an amber PLA Plastic. The bottle is a 2 part design with a locking mechanism that twists open/close to access the contents of the game. Two printed vinyl wrap around labels were designed to add the finishing touches to give it that true 'beer bottle' look.


If this project peaked your interest or you want to get a project started of your own, feel free to contact us at info@424design.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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