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Ralph Delos Reyes


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Project Manager

Tune Koshy

Industiral Designer

Trevor Jessee

Product Engineer

Who We Are?

424 Design is a full-service product development agency specializing in ideation, new product development, and design for manufacturing or prototyping. We believe in a collaborative approach to innovation. That integrates design strategy and research, industrial design and mechanical engineering. We make sure that every phase of the product development process is in order to maintain a continuous focus on the end user’s needs and desires.

What We Do.pricing
Design Strategy & Research.

We believe that a deep understanding of our personal customers outcome of a project is key to our success. Our perspective is to listen to our clients goals and follow through with an understanding of the project at hand. We want the business or future entrepeneur to progress in the future. The design strategy involves our team to map out the time and development stages of the process.


Our research involves us to totally immerse ourselves with understanding the project. The user being our inspiration, evironment guiding the design, and the cost analysis.


Our Techniques

• Contextual Inquiry

• Interviews

• Design Clinics

• Perceptual Studies

• Work Flow Analysis

• Usability Research

Industrial Design.

With the creative flow and understanding, we then move on to getting the product to a physical form. Our uses of prototyping, models, and wide range of computer skills allows us to make the product for manufacture. Manufacturing with past clients we have made close relationships with soft good retailers, plastic companies, and our in house prototype 3D Printer which allows quick access to understanding an array of production techniques.


Our Techniques

• Ideation

• Form Development

• Design Clinics

• Brand Integration

• Human Factors

• Ergonomic Analysis

• User Advocacy

• Information Architecture

• Color, Matrial, And Finish Studies


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